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We believe that it is time to stop talking “rubbish”! TradingWaste has one simple premise – that there should be no such thing as waste. It is our aim to create the only transparent market place specifically designed to allow the creators of waste to maximise their returns on redundant assets, materials and the by-products of manufacturing processes.

We don’t necessarily think of ourselves as environmental evangelists but in this day and age we are all being urged to do our utmost to preserve and maximise our scarce resources. We are all also increasingly keen to drive profitability and reduce wastage ┬áin whatever way we can. Within the EU we currently generate in excess of 1.3 billion tonnes of waste per annum and that can only mean that we are using resources inefficiently.

By using this website we hope that you will be able to find people to buy items or products that you thought were redundant and of no value – perhaps items that you routinely throw away or even pay people to take away. Or if you already have waste management systems and processes in place you could just use it as a check and balance, something akin to an informal tender process, to check that your current arrangements are competitive.

However you view it, the great thing is that it costs you nothing. So what are you waiting for – start trading your waste…

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